Official updates on Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ activity, research findings, commentary from spokespeople and awareness campaigns.

Press releases


28/11 Health professionals condemn changes to smoking and vaping laws

27/11 Kiwis at risk by new coalition’s smoking and vaping changes

17/11 New Zealand’s first quit-vaping guidelines for youth released

15/11 New Patient COPD Handbook released for World COPD Day

16/10 Make vaping a priority: Call to the new Government

3/10 El Niño amplifies pollen triggers for asthma sufferers

20/9 New vaping laws flawed.

19/9 Cleaner air for stench-drenched Bromley school children.

7/9 Vaping's clouded future as election looms

6/9 From hit-and-run victim to 48-hour marathon runner.

4/9 Devil in the detail for asthma pathway.

22/8 Vape signals are a call for help from our Tamariki.

22/8 The Government sees through the vaping haze.

11/8 Laps for Lungs - A 48-hour marathon for respiratory awareness.

26/7 Asthma Foundation calls for immediate halt in Specialist Vape Retailers.

27/6 Vape retailers still coming to a community near you.

15/6 Survey reveals worrying findings about the experiences of New Zealanders with asthma.

7/6 Government moves on youth vaping inadequate.

1/6 Pulse Energy continues commitment to New Zealand respiratory health.

29/5 DVS ups commitment to Kiwis' respiratory health.

22/5 Trans-Tasman respiratory groups call for ban of disposable vapes in New Zealand.

18/5 Urgent action needed on respiratory health by next government, following years of damning reports.

16/5 Wellingtonians warned to protect respiratory health following major fire.

10/5 Aotearoa art competition highlights vaping harm to youth and the environment.

5/5 Helping your child with their asthma webinar.

5/5 ARFNZ and Dyson share goal of better indoor air quality.

3/5 Showerdome steps up for Kiwis with respiratory conditions.

1/5 World Asthma Day: Foundation working hard to get Asthma Emergency Kits into every New Zealand primary school.

27/4 Improving indoor air quality vital for New Zealanders' respiratory health.

18/4 Consider the environment when choosing asthma treatments.

11/4 World Asthma Day: getting Asthma Emergency Kits into Kiwi primary schools.

28/3 Foundation Chief Executive Letitia Harding receives prestigious honour.

27/3 eHaus backs the health of New Zealand's respiratory community.

13/3 Greater vaping restrictions should be a public health priority for next government.

8/3 Daikin continues its support of New Zealanders with respiratory disease.

24/2 Winners in 2023 National Respiratory Achievers' Awards announced.

17/2 Air Out Flooded Homes to Avoid Harmful Mould, Experts Advise

24/1 Parents and educators need to prepare for 'return to school' asthma flare ups.


15/12 - Look after your respiratory health this summer

8/12 - Finalists for the Respiratory Achievers' Awards 2023 announced

01/12 - Youth vaping and smoking trends moving in right direction, but sustained effort is needed

25/11 - Ministry of Health not striking the right balance with vaping regulations

17/11 - NZ Health Survey shows mixed results for respiratory health

11/11 - COPD: New Zealand's poorly understood respiratory killer

25/10 - New resources empower whānau management of asthma

06/10 - Massive increase in specialist vape retailers, a major concern warns the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

12/09 - Awards to celebrate achievements of respiratory community

30/08 - Prepare for pollen season warns Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

29/08 - Breathing Skills Q&A - Livestream

19/08 - Smoke from Christchurch scrap metal yard fire poses respiratory risk to locals

18/08 - Step up for respiratory health this September

28/6 - Report another red flag for children's respiratory health

20/6 - Nick's done it: Wellington runner defies odds to complete fundraising journey

13/06 - New video resource from ARFNZ 'puts spotlight on vaping'

10/06 - Nick Runs America - Halfway there

31/05 - Wellington runner to complete US coast to coast run, five years after hit and run

31/05 - Keeping momentum to reach Smokefree Aotearoa 2025

19/05 - ARFNZ and respiratory specialists welcome new funding for preventative RSV medicine

18/05 - ARFNZ welcomes research findings into new 2 in 1 asthma inhaler combination

16/05 - Be prepared for flu season 2022

9/05 - Pulse Energy powering up its support of Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

3/05 - Urgent action needed to close the gaps in New Zealand's asthma care

26/04 - Highlighting gaps in New Zealand's asthma care this World Asthma Day -Aotearoa Te Rā Whakaarohia te Huangō

13/04 - 'Huge Jump' in self-reported health status of families provided with heat pumps

10/03 - Wellington Man completes 21 half-marathons in 21 weeks to raise funds for ARFNZ

03/03 - 'Great news teen smoking dropping - but we still need to address the vapes'

04/02 - 'Healthy Lungs more important than ever - so why put smoke, vape or cannabis in them?'

28/01 - Pandemic drives frontline health professionals' demand for continued respiratory education

26/01- Back-to-school period means more respiratory risk for children


21/12 - Helping kiwis breathe easy, this Christmas and beyond

20/12 - Smoke from scrub fire a risk in the Far North

09/12 - Smokefree 2025 Action Plan a breath of fresh air for Aotearoa

06/12 - Children with poorly controlled asthma at increased risk from Covid-19, study finds

19/11 - Life Education Trust joins forces with Asthma and Respiratory Foundation to tackle youth vaping

16/11 - World COPD Day 'highlights health inequities' in NZ

01/11 - Alarming results from NZ's biggest ever youth vaping survey

29/10 - Worldwide time trends in children's asthma show severe asthma rates decreasing in NZ

18/10 - Asthma education goes online to fight health inequity

15/10 - Youth19 findings show teen vaping is a national issue

06/10 - 24-Hour runner tops fundraising efforts to support better breathing

28/09 - Smoke from commercial building fire a risk in Tauranga

20/09 - Wellington man running 24 hours non-stop to raise respiratory disease awareness

08/09 - New respiratory disease report highlights back-to-school asthma risk and inequity for Pasifika and Māori

03/09 - Helping Kiwis live in healthier homes

31 Aug - Breathe easier in lockdown with live advice from a respiratory expert

26 Aug - RCR helps young Kiwis to breathe easier

23 Aug - Step up this September to help kiwis breathe better

18 Aug - Keeping yourself and others safe in Level 4 lockdown

11 Aug - Retail restrictions a step in the right direction to curb youth vaping

4 Aug - Health App to help people with asthma struggles to secure Ministry funding

29 Jul - ARFNZ partner Dyson is engineering pioneering technologies to create healthier homes in New Zealand

8 Jul - Hand Hygiene and Keeping Germs at Home Vital as RSV Soars

1 Jul - Respiratory Community welcomes healthier rental housing

16 Jun - Increase in 'Don't Get Sucked In" web visits as schools grapple with vaping epidemic

16 Jun - Fight the dust mites this World Allergy Week

31 May - Health resources reduce barriers for Samoan Community

28 May - Have your say this World Smokefree Day

26 May - Asthma and Respiratory Foundation informs teens: Don't get sucked into vaping

4 May - International Asthma Guidelines follow the lead of Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

23 April - Aotearoa Te Rā Whakaarohia te Huangō May 4th, 2021 - New Zealand’s Inaugural Asthma Awareness Day

22 April - New SmokeFree Legislation has Respiratory Specialists Dreaming of a Brighter Future

16 April - Māori children Hospitalised with Asthma at Twice Rate Of Non-Māori, Study Finds

15 April - Don’t let asthma hold you back this World Asthma Day

6 April - New Medical Director For Asthma And Respiratory Foundation

1 April - Play it Safe With Asthma this Winter

30 March - Smoke a Risk in Christchurch

19 February - New NZ COPD Guidelines Timely For Those Most at Risk From Covid-19

2 February - Smokefree And Vapefree Advice Crucial At Point Of Sale

1 February - Warning For Parents As Asthma Hospitalisations Spike On Return To School

29 January - Foreverbreathe Demonstration Home Opens To the Public in Christchurch

13 January - Toxic Smoke A Risk In South Auckland


9 December - Quality and quantity - the real housing issue

26 November - La Nina could be bad news for asthma and allergy sufferers this Summer

10 November - No smoke, no vape, no youth uptake

21 October - National conference gets green light

1 October - Morrinsville chef tops fundraising efforts in support of better breathing

23 September - Better Breathing Heroes fly into their final week

15 September - Te Reo Asthma Shows Educate Tamariki This Maori Language Week

1 September - Get your lungs fighting fit, become a Better Breathing Hero

18 August - Smoke a risk in Palmerston North

17 August - Support Better Breathing - Become a Hero this September!

8 August - Self-isolation advised for the high-risk Auckland respiratory community

6 August - Vaping ball dropped and dribbled, but finally got over the line

4 August - Businesses come on board to support better breathing

24 July - Hurdles still to overcome with Vaping Bill

13 July - Respiratory Resources Go Rural

8 July - Wood burners a worry for those with respiratory disease

3 July - Remember - Don't Get Sucked In

30 June - Youth are vaping so why are we waiting?

25 June - New Asthma Guidelines bring fundamental changes to asthma management

9 June - National Respiratory Conference to go ahead

27 May - Removing barriers to respiratory health

11 June - New Child Asthma Guidelines an opportunity for health

24 June - Sailor the Pufferfish gets interactive!

04 May - Day Of Livestreams Planned To Celebrate World Asthma Day

22 April - Ask An Asthma Expert This World Asthma Day

09 April - Go And Get Jabbed

26 March - Global Initiative Releases Asthma And COVID-19 FAQ

21 March - Self-Isolation Advised For Respiratory Community

13 March - Self isolate for those around you

24 February - Proposed vaping regulations address most concerns

05 February - Prevent respiratory illnesses like coronavirus with good hygiene

03 February - #DontGetSuckedIn; New youth vaping education campaign launches

23 January - Study highlights urgent need for vaping education

22 January - Nominations open for NZ Respiratory Awards

07 January - Smoke a timely reminder to check inhalers


13 December - Manage Asthma for a Better Summer

28 November - Don't Get Sucked In - new campaign to tackle teen vaping academic

19 November - Helping Kiwis catch their breath this World COPD Day

06 November - Government holding its breath on vaping regulations

24 October - Smoke still a risk in Auckland

27 September - Smart Sheep Initiative Will Help Healthy Homes

10 September - The 'Wild West' of Vaping

06 September - Breathe Better September Gets Off To A Flying Start

27 August - Making Space for Spacers

26 August - ARFNZ offers expert advice on 'Vaping Facts' website

22 August - Car smoking ban keeping children safe

2 August - Regulation will clear the air around vaping

23 July - Bridging the Gap with Healthy Homes

16 July - Be an Everyday Hero this Breathe Better September

22 May - Wellbeing Budget Could Be a Breath of Fresh Air

20 May - Breakthrough Asthma Study Set to Revolutionise Asthma Treatment

6 May - Te Reo Asthma Musical Visits Ruatoki School on World Asthma Day Tomorrow

6 May - Schools Get Involved for World Asthma Day

5 May - Budget brush-off won’t slow down Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

24 April - Kids helping kids during an asthma emergency

15 April - World Earth Day - Air quality and its effects on respiratory health

5 April - World Allergy Week 2019: Why healthy homes are important

2 April - Asthma and flu a risky combination - get immunised

5 March - New respiratory disease 2018 impact report figures, sparks Te Reo Māori educational asthma show to launch in Rotorua

1 February - Education and Balance key to NZ Smokefree 2025

1 February - Behavioural support is key when using e-cigarettes for smoking cessation

23 January - Back to school and asthma attacks - the unseen danger


4 December - Get prepared if you are prone to asthma or allergic reactions - the holiday season is nearly here

20 November - NZ Respiratory Conference 2018 Ready to Go - Asthma and Respiratory disease in the Spotlight

6 November - Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ and Asthma New Zealand working together to reduce Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease hospitalisations

2 October - 'Breathe Better September 2018' wraps up - national respiratory awareness campaign makes a difference

27 August - Spring into Action with 'Breathe Better September 2018' - national respiratory awareness campaign launches

21 August - Adherium and Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ Collaborate to Improve Outcomes for Asthma Patients, with a Special Focus on New Zealand Children

19 July - NZ Respiratory Conference 2018 launches a new GP specific event

2 July - Breathe Better September 2018 - national respiratory awareness campaign launches

13 June- Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ is welcomed into the Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD)

30 May - Vaping - it's not child's play. Think about the possible dangers to our young people this 'World Smoke Free Day'

22 May - 'My Asthma' app update launches today to help kiwi families with asthma

30 April - Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ marks World Asthma Day – 1 May 2018 - with the launch of a new online ‘Teachers’ Asthma Toolkit’, a first for New Zealand

19 April - Winners of the 2018 New Zealand Respiratory Achievers' Awards Announced

10 April - 'Sailor the Pufferfish' South Island Tour kicks off this week - educating over 13,000 New Zealand school children about asthma

19 April- World Allergy Week: Raising awareness for allergy-triggered asthma

23 February - The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ National Achievers' Awards celebrates its 30th Anniversary and makes final call for Nominations

19 February - Ministry of Health (MoH) and Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ begin talks on e-cigarettes and vaping

23 January - Asthma doesn't have to hold you back

17 January - Childhood asthma and the school holidays

8 January - Achievers’ Awards celebrate those who battle to breathe


14 December - E-cigarettes not safe, and a potential public health disaster if not effectively regulated – says Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

18 December - Foundation Forges International and Trans-Tasman Partnerships

5 December - My Asthma’ App aids in child asthma management

1 December - New guidelines aim to reduce asthma disparities in children and adolescents

27 November - E-cigarettes to reduce traditional smoking – no good evidence

15 November - World COPD Day 2017 - Combat breathlessness with exercise

13 November - Unregulated e-cigs and smoking cessation - like stoats to rabbits

25 October - Hay fever? How to prepare your home this pollen season

5 October - No need to live with asthma symptoms

21 September - NZ’s third leading cause of death on the back burner

18 September - Dr Stuart Jones and John Clarke join the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

4 September - New resource aims to improve asthma health literacy

30 August - A call to Government: break down 'silos' to improve respiratory health

21 August - Breathe Better September is back with a challenge

1 August - NZ celebrities support Breathe Better September

14 August - National health target required to reduce respiratory illness

3 July - Awards for excellence in health journalism

8 May - Project to reduce Māori hospitalisation rates – says new CE

27 April - World Asthma Day - Tuesday 2 May

31 March- World Allergy Week: Highlighting allergy-triggered asthma

27 March - Respiratory disease cost jumps to $6 billion per year

23 February- Free flu vaccine for people with respiratory conditions

16 February - Bush fire smoke a trigger for asthmatics

19 January - Warning of Back-to-school asthma spike


12 January- Be prepared in the event of an asthma attack

21 November - New Zealand Respiratory Conference 2016

16 November - Spotlight on the fourth leading cause of death in New Zealand

3 November - New celebrity ambassador to shine a light on better breathing

7 November- New adult asthma guidelines launched after 15 years

30 September - Breathe Better September – huge step in the right direction

25 September - Are Kiwi lifestyles in check for healthy lungs

31 August - Take your stance on better breathing this September

10 August - Breathe Better September

5 July- Kiwi kids dance for a good cause

18 April - Winners of the New Zealand Respiratory Awards announced

2 April - World Asthma Day 2016

1 April - Thousands of Kiwis not getting a good night’s rest

17 March - Free flu vaccine for people with respiratory conditions

26 February - Celebrities tour health campaign through South Auckland schools

10 February - Bronchiectasis in New Zealand - the growing problem that goes unnoticed