If you or someone you know lives with respiratory disease, here you can find some useful information about how to manage your condition, creating a healthy living environment, vaping and e-cigarettes, and COVID-19.

Healthy Homes Sq

Healthy Homes

Find out how to create a healthy home including insulation, heating and ventilation, keeping your home dry, and managing your asthma triggers within your living environment. 

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E-cigarettes and Vaping

Information about using e-cigarettes and vaping as a method to quit smoking, and research and facts about vaping.

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Covid19 Sq


Find out more about COVID-19 for those with respiratory disease including the types of masks that may be more comfortable to wear, how to keep yourself safe, and getting the flu vaccine.

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More information

Visit our Articles page for interesting articles and information about respiratory disease, or visit our Resources page for downloadable printable resources to help manage your respiratory condition.