The Foundation has produced three sets of best practice guidelines for the treatment of respiratory conditions in New Zealand. These are:

The New Zealand COPD Guidelines 2021

The New Zealand Adolescent and Adult Asthma Guidelines 2020

The New Zealand Child Asthma Guidelines 2020

“For too long the diagnosis and management of COPD in Aotearoa New Zealand has been a postcode lottery. The publication of these guidelines with their evidenced based standards of care will hopefully provide a level playing field for all New Zealanders, and as a result, improve the well-being of our people.” - Dr Stuart Jones
“As with previous New Zealand and international asthma guidelines, many of the key features are based on landmark research undertaken in New Zealand, which has led to improvements in the management of asthma worldwide.’ - Professor Richard Beasley

These guidelines were developed to provide practical, evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis, assessment and management of these conditions within the New Zealand context. Intended users are community and hospital-based health professionals and those involved in the training of health professionals. Educating healthcare professionals on best practice, will in turn improve the diagnosis, treatment and management in asthma and COPD in primary care and reduce hospital admissions.

The guidelines also address the specific burdens carried by Māori and Pacific peoples living with asthma and COPD in New Zealand and advocate for targeted, culturally safe health care.

The Foundation runs an online training course, the Asthma and COPD Fundamentals Course, where you can learn more about these guidelines. Find out more here.

“Implementing the NZ Asthma Guidelines nationwide will mean all asthma patients receive the same level of care and up to date information.” - Professor Jim Reid