The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum internal temperature of 18°C. For people with health conditions or elderly, this this should be warmer.

Quality, well-installed ceiling and underfloor insulation is the top priority for a warmer, healthier home. Wall insulation is best installed when you are renovating and replacing wall linings.

Check out whether you are eligible for a Government Warmer Kiwi Homes grant offering ceiling and underfloor insulation and/or an efficient heater. Grants are for lower-income homeowners living in their homes and cover 90% of the cost (heaters capped at $3,000, including GST).

Reducing draughts will reduce heat loss for relatively little cost:

  • block off open fireplaces if they are not in use
  • use draught stoppers to close off the gaps under doors
  • use draught strips or seals on windows and doors
  • good fitting curtains reduce heat loss at night and keep in the heat gain from the sun during the day – to be effective the curtains must fit snugly to trap a layer of air between them and the glass
  • double-glazing can halve the heat loss of single glazed windows but you’ll still need curtains.

Portions of this were sourced from BRANZ Home Series Bulletin 8 “Reducing heat loss”