COPD & Asthma Fundamentals is a comprehensive training programme for the education of health professionals in how to provide asthma and COPD management, education and support. The programme is delivered by certified regional trainers across New Zealand for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.

COPD & Asthma Fundamentals will provide the health professional with a comprehensive understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma and COPD. On completion of the course the health professional will have an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system and pathophysiology of asthma and COPD and will be able to determine a patient’s individual asthma and COPD education needs based on good assessment.

The health professional will become fully conversant with patient education and gain an understanding of patient self-management and be able to confidentially complete self management plans using their knowledge and understanding of asthma and COPD treatments utilising the step wise treatment guidelines.

The course details are as follows:

  • Two half-day workshops run by a regional trainer. 
  • Covers all asthma and COPD basics including management and practice.
  • Interactive learning environment.
  • Small group size – approximately 10 participants per course.
  • Course fees include comprehensive resource manual.

We have received an overwhelming amount of feedback from past participants who consider the course as a good investment and highly recommend it to other health professionals.

For more information please contact our national education services manager:
Teresa Demetriou
Phone: 04 499 4592

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