If you or a family member has bronchiectasis, in addition to your GP, practice nurse or specialist, a number of people and organisations would like to help you with your condition. This page contains links to other information sources and organisations that may help you learn more about bronchiectasis and how to manage it.

Bronchiectasis Foundation
Chairman – Camron Muriwai
Email: Camron.Muriwai@northlanddhb.org.nz
Mobile: 021 593 501
Bronchiectasis Foundation

Societies and Trusts
Societies and Trusts provide specialist services as their staff focus on respiratory matters, so they have excellent specialised knowledge and experience. They can provide you with information and resources to assist you in managing your condition, including one-on-one education, advice, and support. Their services are either free or available for a small charge. Find your local Society or Trust.

A physiotherapist can teach techniques to control breathing patterns to avoid breathlessness and to clear phlegm from the chest. They can also help improve fitness and endurance, and boost immunity levels. Visit physiotherapy.org.nz to find a local physiotherapist.

A dietitian can provide education about the best foods to eat for people with a respiratory illness, based upon their medical condition and individual needs. Visit the New Zealand Dietetic Association (NZDA)’s website dietitians.org.nz to locate a dietitian in your area.

Occupational therapist
An occupational therapist can teach people easy ways to do basic daily tasks that become more difficult for people who are unwell. Call your local district health board (DHB) and ask to speak with the occupational therapy department (a list of DHB contact details can be found here).

Become smokefree
If you want assistance to stop smoking visit the Quitline website at quit.org.nz. For information on the second hand smoke campaign and more information on making your home and car smokefree visit smokefree.org.nz.

Healthy homes

BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) has a variety of information bulletins which can be downloaded each at small cost from their website, under ‘publications’, then ‘bulletins’ at branz.org.nz.

EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) has a range of energy conservation information at energywise.govt.nz.