We’re delighted to share the latest updates from our Friends of the Foundation Dyson on how its pioneering technologies are engineered to create healthier homes in New Zealand, improve wellbeing and solve the problems that others ignore.

This includes air purifiers that intelligently clean the air you breathe with sealed HEPA 13 standard filtration removing potentially dangerous indoor pollutants, and Dyson cordless vacuums offering powerful suction and consistent high performance cleaning to capture microscopic particles such as pollen, dust and bacteria.

“As engineers our job is to solve daily problems, and the past 12 months has created plenty of new ones with more time spent indoors. We actually have dust farms at Dyson and we‘re one of the only companies in the world that has its own in house microbiology lab with scientists, analysing dust from all corners of the globe,” explains James Dyson, Chief Engineer and Founder. “Cleaner homes are healthy homes. Removing visible dust isn’t enough so we’ve pioneered intelligent air purifiers and vacuums which detect and remove microscopic particles, reporting results back in real time. We are empowering people to breathe pure air and enjoy hygienic homes, taking back control of their indoor environment.”

Dyson’s team of 6,000 engineers and scientists are obsessive about research and rigorously test all of its machines - going above and beyond regulatory testing guidelines to ensure they are robust, reliable and last a long time. Innovation and constant improvement, for the benefit of its owners, is at the heart of everything Dyson does. Its engineers take great pride in developing machines that consistently receive high owner satisfaction and that are built to last. The extreme lengths its engineers go to in order to develop machines that are built to last are detailed here.

Discover the intelligence behind Dyson technologies and buy Direct from the people who made it at Dyson.co.nz for exclusive models, free shipping, best price policy, auto-warranty registration plus selected cord-free purchases receive a bonus gift.


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