The Sailor the Pufferfish asthma education website has been given a much needed face lift! Complementing the Sailor the Pufferfish asthma musical that educates classrooms across New Zealand on asthma management, the Sailor Asthma Education website takes this education further with its interactive website content. 

A key highlight of the upgrade is the brand new asthma themed colouring game, where children can learn about asthma triggers and management through digital art. The Foundation hopes to continue to expand these digital resources over the coming year.

About Sailor the Pufferfish

Sailor the Puffer Fish is an engaging musical show about asthma, presented at primary schools and early childhood education centres throughout New Zealand. Every year the show educates children and their teachers about asthma triggers, how to self-manage asthma, and what to do in an asthma emergency.

Originally created many years ago by Asthma Waikato and entertainer Chris Lam Sam, we launched our brand-new Sailor the Puffer Fish children’s puppet show in 2018, which educates children and their teachers about asthma triggers, how to manage asthma, and what to do in an asthma emergency. The Te Reo Māori version of Sailor the Puffer Fish was presented to Māori immersion schools by Hinerongonui Kingi in April 2019.

So why is a pufferfish teaching kids about asthma you ask? Well, sometimes asthma inhalers are called ‘puffers’ - Sailor the Puffer Fish’s job is to educate Kiwi kids on how to use their puffers to help manage their asthma.

Chris Lam Sam and Sailor the Puffer Fish have performed the musical show to over 450 schools and early childhood centres since 2012, and have educated over 23,000 kids in that time!

Our fun and interactive musical experience is made 100% free for schools and early childhood centres across Aotearoa. If you’re interested in finding out more, or would like to know where our next show will be, contact Joanna Turner, Research and Education Manager at the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ on 04 495 0093 or email

You can also visit our re-vamped ‘Sailor’ website for education resources and to watch a sneak peak of one of our shows – visit


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