Air conditioning specialist Daikin has renewed its partnership with the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, re-signing as a Bronze Sponsor in the Friends of the Foundation programme.

Daikin is a long-standing supporter of the Foundation’s work and shares its vision of improving the respiratory health of all Kiwis through healthier home environments and better indoor air quality.

Foundation Chief Executive Letitia Harding says the support of generous, like-minded businesses, such as Daikin, is essential to her team’s vital work in research, education and advocacy. “We receive no Government funding, so to keep working on behalf of the 700,000 New Zealanders with respiratory conditions, we need the ongoing support of partners like Daikin who care about this community and understand the importance of air quality.”

Daikin’s Deputy General Manager-Sales, Gary Felstead says his company is well aware of the impact that poorly heated and ventilated environments have on respiratory health. “There are still too many Kiwis living in damp and mouldy homes, and too many workplaces that lack adequate ventilation. We know that these environments can trigger respiratory symptoms and cause other illness. Daikin is committed to providing Kiwis with advanced technology solutions that will improve air quality in the places they work, live and play.”

Air quality is not simply about what pollutants we might be breathing in, it is also about air flow and ventilation. Letitia explains: “COVID-19 really highlighted the importance of this. We saw clearly that if you are working in an enclosed space without adequate ventilation, you may be breathing in pollutants or viruses circulating in that enclosed space. Opening a window, can help, but sometimes this is not possible, or even advisable.”

“For this reason, technology has an important role to play in ventilation and overall air quality,” Letitia says. “The Foundation values the work and support of partners like Daikin, who are doing their part to ensure that Kiwis can breathe easier in their homes, workplaces and communities.”


About ARFNZ: ARFNZ is a not-for-profit organisation and New Zealand’s leading authority on respiratory health. Through a combination of research, education and advocacy, ARFNZ aims to reduce respiratory-related hospitalisations and improve respiratory health outcomes for all New Zealanders. 

About Daikin: Daikin heat pump and air conditioning systems can be found throughout New Zealand homes, businesses and communities. With 45 years of experience in the New Zealand climate, Daikin understands the needs of Kiwis and takes pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.


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