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Interactive Adult Asthma Action Plans

Adult Asthma Action Plans as interactive PDFs which can be customised by the healthcare professional and emailed to the patient

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Managing your Child's Asthma (Samoan)

A guide for parents and whānau on how to care for a child with asthma

Copd Action Plan Te Reo

COPD Action Plan - Te Reo Māori

This is a brochure containing a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Action Plan for doctors to complete together with their patients.

Child Asthma Action Plan Te Reo

Child Asthma Action Plan - Te Reo Māori

This brochure is an asthma action plan for doctors to complete and give to child patients and their parents/caregivers.

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Child Symptom Diary - Te Reo Māori

This brochure is a symptom diary for doctors to give to their child patients and their parents/caregivers, and is used in conjunction with the Child Asthma Plan.

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Adult Asthma Action Plans - Te Reo Māori

This brochure is a asthma self-management action plan for adults to be completed by doctors together with their patients with asthma.

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Teachers' Asthma Toolkit

Important asthma information in one place. Free online toolkit aimed at teachers.

Asthma Fact Sheet

Anaesthetics and asthma

An informative fact sheet about anaesthetics and asthma. Surgery can be worrying for many people, but for people who have asthma the concerns are often greater.

School Asthma First Aid

Asthma First Aid in School

Simple asthma first aid steps for children at school

Managing Your Childs Asthma Sml

Managing your child's asthma

The “Managing your child’s asthma” resource teaches parents about asthma including how to help prevent an asthma attack.

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My Asthma app

The My Asthma app contains simple asthma information, asthma first aid steps, and an electronic Asthma Action Plan.