School Asthma First Aid

Asthma First Aid in School

Simple asthma first aid steps for children at school

Managing Your Childs Asthma Sml

Managing your child's asthma

The “Managing your child’s asthma” resource teaches parents about asthma including how to help prevent an asthma attack.

Erin And Issacs Healthy Lungs Tips Image

Erin and Issac's Healthy Lungs Tips

Find out how small changes in your environment, lifestyle and healthcare can help you to keep your lungs healthy.

My Asthma App Small

My Asthma app

The My Asthma app contains simple asthma information, asthma first aid steps, and an electronic Asthma Action Plan.

Healthy Workplace Tips

Healthy workplace tips

Quick tips relating to asthma in the workplace.

Asthma Action Plans Layout

Adult Asthma Action Plans

This brochure is a asthma self-management action plan for adults to be completed by doctors together with their patients with asthma.

Adult Asthma Guidelines

Adult Asthma Guidelines

New Zealand's national guidelines for asthma diagnosis, treatment and management.

Better Breathing Checklist Image

Better Breathing: A checklist for healthy lungs

A useful checklist identifying three aspects of health for healthy lungs including lifestyle, environment and healthcare.

Asthma In New Zealand

Asthma in New Zealand

Infographic presenting an overview of how asthma affects New Zealand

Asthma Checklist

Asthma checklist

Use this checklist of preventative measures to help reduce the risk of asthma-related sickness.