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The Medicines Regulations 1984, Regulation 44(l) allows a prescription medicine to be sold or dispensed by a licensed pharmacy for inclusion in an emergency kit pursuant to an order signed by a Medical Officer of Health. The Ministry of Health Authority to Possess Medicines (Emergency Medical Kit) is included in the asthma emergency kit. The Authority and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation's letter must be signed by the school's principal, prior to being dispensed by a licensed community pharmacy. The supply of a prescription medicine in these circumstances is not funded by the Government, so there will be a charge for the bronchodilator inhaler. Schools include primary, intermediate and secondary schools (not pre-schools or kindergartens).

An asthma emergency kit which includes resources and instructions for an asthma emergency. The kit includes:

  • Space Chamber
  • Alcohol Swab 2 Pack (1 Strip = 2)
  • How to use this Asthma Emergency Kit
  • Emergency Kit Sticker
  • Space Chamber Instruction Sheet
  • Ministry of Health Authority to purchase a bronchodilator ('reliever') Inhaler
  • Asthma and Respiratory Foundation letter and instruction sheet for school principal to sign and take to a licenced pharmacy for dispensing (inhaler is not included in the kit).
  • Click Clack Box

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