Medicines Cover


Helpful fact sheets on 'Safety of Inhaled Corticosteroids (ICS)', and 'Steroid Tablets'

Complementary And Alternative Medicines Cover 1

Complementary and Alternative Medicines

An informative fact sheet about complementary and alternative medicines and therapies. Complementary and alternative therapies usually refer to treatments that do not use medications prescribed by doctors.

Smoking Cessation Cover

Smoking Cessation

An informative fact sheet about stopping smoking. Tobacco smoking is a major health problem in New Zealand.

Oxygen Cover


An informative fact sheet about long term oxygen therapy. Long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) is prescribed for people who have a low level of oxygen in their blood and not for everyone who is short of breath.

Buteyko Cover


An informative fact sheet about buteyko. Buteyko is a breathing technique that focuses on nasal breathing, breath holding and relaxation.

Lungs And Cannabis Cover

The Lungs and Cannabis

An informative fact sheet on cannabis and the lungs.