Secondhand nicotine vaping at home and respiratory symptoms in young adults:

Talat Islam, Jessica Braymiller, Sandrah P Eckel, Feifei Liu, Alayna P Tackett, Meghan E Rebuli, Jessica Barrington-Trimis, Rob McConnell

10 January, 2022

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 198

Effect of e-Cigarettes Plus Counseling vs Counseling Alone on Smoking Cessation - A Randomized Clinical Trial:

Mark J. Eisenberg, MD, MPH; Andréa Hébert-Losier, MSc; Sarah B. Windle, MPH; Todd Greenspoon, MD; Tim Brandys, MD; Tamàs Fülöp, MD, PhD; Thang Nguyen, MD; Stéphane Elkouri, MD; Martine Montigny, MD; Igor Wilderman, MD; Olivier F. Bertrand, MD, PhD; Joanna Alexis Bostwick, MD; John Abrahamson, MD; Yves Lacasse, MD; Smita Pakhale, MD; Josselin Cabaussel, MSc; Kristian B. Filion, PhD; for the E3 Investigators

10 November, 2020

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 186