Respiratory Research Review Issue 145:

Professor Lutz Beckert

1 March, 2018

Research review with a focus on Asthma

Respiratory Research Review Issue 139:

Professor Lutz Beckert

1 October, 2017

This issue has a focus on asthma

Respiratory Research Review Issue 133:

27 February, 2017

Review of articles relating to asthma, including the NZ Adult Asthma Guidelines

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 121 :

1 March, 2016

This issue has a focus on asthma.

Peer education programme to improve outcomes in adolescent asthma and smoking prevention :

Shah, S.

6 November, 2015

Preventing smoking uptake and managing adolescent asthma relies on engaging communication and sharing stories. The Triple A programme seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of students by using a unique peer-led educational approach, whereby students become the drivers of both the teaching and learning processes.

Diet, obesity and asthma:

Wood, L.

6 November, 2015

Presentation to Respiratory Conference New Zealand November 2015

β-2 agonists: mind the gap:

Jurgens, K.

5 November, 2015

The first step in asthma treatment is prescription of Ventolin, a β-2 agonist. Access to this drug is currently by prescription only in New Zealand, but not in Australia and some other countries. Kirk examines both approaches in order to encourage serious contemplation of how we think about asthma and the medications we use to control it.

Stepping outside the comfort zone: new ways of engaging with Māori and delivering asthma messages:

Jones, B., Walters, L., Maiava, V., Nathan, M.

5 November, 2015

This Māori Engagement Project used a participatory action research (PAR) methodology within a kaupapa Māori research (KMR) framework. Māori nurses from three regions were chosen as asthma nurse champions to drive the research and develop innovations. Presented to Respiratory Conference New Zealand, November 2015

Stepping up for Māori: the Asthma Foundation Māori Engagement Strategy:

Ingham, T and Davies, C.

5 November, 2015

Presentation to Respiratory Conference New Zealand November 2015

Improving inhaler technique and adherence: a complex problem in practice:

Bosnic-Anticevic, S.

5 November, 2015

The role of medications in the management of asthma is central to good asthma control, and this is reflected in asthma management guidelines globally. However, when it comes to the management of asthma medicine use in practice, there are significant issues associated with the inappropriate use of inhaled medications.