Visit your health team regularly

There are lots of people who can support you to look after your COPD. It is important to build a partnership with your healthcare practitioner. Following their advice should help you manage your symptoms. See our list of regional Asthma Societies here.

Nurse With Patient Copd


In addition to pulmonary rehabilitation, a physiotherapist can teach you breathing exercises, ways to help manage breathlessness and techniques to help clear mucus.

Visit to find a local physiotherapist.

COPD Support Groups

These are usually informal groups for people who are affected by COPD. They aim to provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment and to relieve the isolation that can be felt by people living with COPD.

See our list of our regional partners and contact your local branch for information on their COPD support services.

Health Social Worker

Social workers can provide support to people with COPD and their families by pointing them in the direction of counselling, referrals to community services and support groups. Speak to your healthcare practitioner for a referral to the Social Work department at your local Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand hospital.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist can teach people easy ways to do basic daily tasks that become more difficult for people who are unwell. Speak to your healthcare practitioner for a referral to an occupational therapist.