If you are using your inhalers exactly as prescribed, but you are still having asthma symptoms then your healthcare practitioner may consider additional treatments.

These are called ‘add-on’ treatments because they are taken in addition to your regular inhalers.

Prednisone is a tablet form of a preventer medication. It is used in severe episodes of asthma, on top of your regular inhalers. If you are having difficulty controlling your asthma symptoms, your healthcare practitioner may prescribe a short course of prednisone. Read more.

Montelukast is a tablet form of medicine that is used in addition to regular inhalers, when you are having difficulty controlling your asthma. It works by blocking some of the chemicals that cause inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Read more.

Biologics are a new treatment used for people who have severe, uncontrolled asthma. They are used when other medications are not working to control asthma and are only available in New Zealand to people who meet certain criteria. These treatments are given as regular injections. Read more.