Colds, the Flu, and COVID-19

Colds, flu and COVID-19 are viruses that affect the airways in different ways. They can trigger asthma or cause worsening symptoms.

While the common cold is normally not serious, the flu and COVID-19 can be. For those with asthma it is important to follow your asthma action plan to ensure your asthma is well-controlled. You may find it helpful to record your peak flow readings and/or your symptoms to monitor control of your asthma.

If you have cold and flu symptoms, get a COVID test and if you are (or think you may be) positive for COVID-19, follow the Ministry of Health guidance.

Vaccination is the best way to avoid getting the flu and COVID-19.

The flu vaccine is free for people with asthma who are prescribed a regular preventer medicine. Free flu vaccinations are also available to children aged between six months and five years who have a history of significant respiratory illness. Talk to your primary health care team.

The COVID-19 vaccination programme was rolled out in New Zealand in 2021. For those with asthma, ensuring that you are fully vaccinated significantly reduces the risk of serious illness – should you get COVID-19. See the latest Ministry of Health guidance for immunisation against COVID-19.

Consult your healthcare practitioner or Healthline if your asthma gets worse or you are concerned.

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