A home that can Foreverbreathe™

Health Based Building are creating environmentally friendly, non-toxic, breathable homes with their new Foreverbreathe™ builds.

These homes are constructed from high-performance wall systems, which allow moisture vapour to travel through the building walls while still keeping it airtight, providing a significant increase in indoor air quality.

The building industry and environment is a major contributor to global warming, and its impact on health is extraordinary. And while non-permeable heat pumps help, but when they’re off they do nothing. This build keeps warm in winter, cool in summer, all without effort.

Research shows that asthma symptoms worsen in homes with an excess of toxic chemicals in the air; these include solvents like those that occur in paints, varnishes, glues and woods. Health Based Buildings’ innovative technology offers a huge benefit to those living with asthma and allergies, increasing air quality, reducing humidity, and providing huge energy savings by eliminating the need for an expensive home ventilation system.

Foreverbreathe™ systems are easy to design, build, and maintain, and Health Based Building have created a fully functional Demonstration Home to show just how much of a difference they can make. If you want to check out one of these awesome new builds, the Demonstration Home is due to be completed in March 2020, and the build process if open to the public, located at 1062 Colombo St, Edgeware, Christchurch.

Health Based Building says that the Demonstration Home is going to be a fully functional space, with visible cross-sections of floors and walls showing how the system works, aiming to educate on sustainable builds and how they can help improve the air quality.

The Demonstration Home will be open for weddings, birthdays, or any events with an organic or sustainable focus.

So what are Foreverbreathe Wall Systems?

The Foreverbreathe™ high-performance breathable wall system allows moisture vapour to travel through the wall while remaining airtight. This is a departure from traditional walls that trap moisture, causing condensation, mould, structural decay, higher energy costs and health issues. Advertorial This is achieved through a combination of non-toxic, breathable materials that provide increased indoor air quality and energy savings without moisture entrapment. Foreverbreathe™ Wall Systems, shift the first principle in design to breathability, providing airtightness and vapour permeability, and working in harmony to remove moisture and improve air quality. Built from a combination of natural breathable materials, Foreverbreathe™ Wall Systems are simple to design, simple to build and easy to maintain. Seamless integration with conventional timber or steel-framed walls, prefabricated walls or automated SIP panel pressing systems.

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