Redefining the home environment with Passive Housing

The decision to build an eHaus shouldn’t be one just based on the architects and builders in the team, or the region they operate from – it’s about the health and wellbeing of your family.

eHaus builds Passive Houses, as well as high performing homes. All eHaus are modelled using the International Passive House Planning software (PHPP). Building an eHaus means having a home free from pollen, mould, and stale air, and a home that is warm in winter and cool in summer – perfect for those who live with respiratory illness.

An eHaus has a very small footprint on the planet, and the team are committed to sustainability and protecting our environment and the families that live in the homes that they build.

Five key elements of an eHaus

Mechanical heat recovery ventilation:

Ventilation systems are the lungs of an eHaus. It filters the stale air, allowing for clean fresh air to permeate the home all day and night, and works quietly in the background without you even knowing about it. The ventilation system has outlets throughout the house so that each room has a consistent temperature. The days of the old New Zealand home where one room is heated, and the rest of the house is a fridge, are no more!


All housing requires some form of insulation, but an eHaus is packed tight with double the amount of insulation, so you can be assured that the home will be comfortable all-year-around.

Thermally broken windows and doors:

All of the windows and doors in an eHaus are considered by thermal performance. As we all know, much of the energy in the home escapes through the windows, so by using these high performing windows and doors, you are assured that the heat in the home, stays in the home.

Air tightness:

An eHaus is completely wrapped and leak-free. This stops any chance of energy leaking out. We know this, because twice during the building process, the team performs an airtightness test to ensure the home meets the high standards of a Passive House.

Energy modeling - PHPP:

All eHaus homes are put through the thermal modelling calculation during the design phase so everyone knows how each room in the house will perform. If a room will be too warm in the summer, then together the team will work through some options to change this, ensuring you end up with a home that is comfortably warm no matter the season.

Your eHaus is a space where you can quietly go about your day, with the knowledge than you are providing the most healthy environment you can for your family.

eHaus have a variety of offerings available:

• Euro - Internationally recognised Passive House standards

• Pacific - Developed by eHaus for the NZ market

• The People’s House Collection - beautiful build-ready plans

For more information on Passive Housing, chat to eHaus today!

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