World Asthma Day is the annual education campaign ran by the Foundation for one of New Zealand’s most prevalent respiratory illnesses, asthma, and takes place each year in May.

One in seven kids in New Zealand live with asthma, and we need your help to raise awareness and reduce this statistic. Asthma is prevalent within our communities, with almost four children in every classroom being affected. So educating young New Zealanders on how to deal with a classmate or friend’s asthma emergency is vital.

In 2020, World Asthma Day fell during Covid-19 lockdown, we engaged with families directly to share and promote awareness, triggers, and management of childhood asthma – all from our living rooms!

We can't wait to plan World Asthma Day 2021! Keep a lookout on our website for more information.


On World Asthma Day 2020, we hosted multiple livestream events on our Facebook page, with something for everyone. 

The series of Facebook Live events featured a children’s craft video featuring Kikorangi the Asthma Foundation Fairy, an educational asthma musical performed by Sailor the Pufferfish and Chris Lam Sam, and a Q&A session with our respiratory expert Dr James Fingleton. Check out some of the videos here.


The theme for World Asthma Day 2020 focussed on knowing what to do in an asthma emergency, by remembering the mantra of “Six Breaths Saves Lives”.

An asthma emergency can happen at any time, so it’s important to know the steps of asthma first aid and act quickly in an emergency.

The basic asthma first aid is to:

- Take six puffs of a reliever - With six deep breaths per puff - Repeating every six minutes until help arrives or regular breathing resumes.

The use of a spacer can assist with this, and ARFNZ has sourced free spacers to use with your inhaler here. These can be requested for yourself, or for those in need.  

English Asthma First Aid Poster


Below are some downloadable activities that aim to teach kids about asthma and keeping their lungs strong. The activities involve games, arts, and crafts, colouring, and crosswords.

Asthma Wordfind - download hereAsthma Triggers Match - download here

Sailor Colouring Page - download hereSailor Maze - download here

Kikorangi Colouring Page - download here


Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ is a charity providing resources and education across our respiratory community. Despite receiving no government funding, we aim to make all New Zealanders asthma experts, and help improve the quality of life for those who live with the condition.

We have made all our World Asthma Day resources and activities free, but all donations are greatly appreciated. Please consider donating here, or call 0900 4 Asthma to give $20 and help Kiwi kids breathe easier.