Woken up to condensation on the windows yet? That’s an alarm bell! Excess condensation means you’ve got moisture in your home, and that could lead to mould and an environment that’s no good for anyone – let alone people living with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

HRV’s purpose is making all Kiwi homes healthier, which makes them a perfect partner for Asthma and Respiratory Foundation. Here’s how HRV home ventilation can help:

For more information about HRV home ventilation and how we’re working together to support Kiwis living with asthma, visit hrv.co.nz/arfnz

*Based on a scientific study of 15 New Zealand homes conducted by Unitec- Te Pukenga Institute of Technology (Auckland) on behalf of HRV during winter and spring 2021. Results may vary depending on design and geographical location of a home.


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