About Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation is the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation’s business sponsorship programme that forms partnerships with like-minded businesses who want to help improve the respiratory health of all New Zealanders.

The Foundation receives no Government funding is relies on the generosity of our supporters, community funding bodies and sponsors to do our work.

Find out how your organisation can get involved and become one of our valued partners by contacting: amyrose@asthmaandrespiratory.org.nz

The sponsorship programme supports Foundation initiatives in three key areas:


  • Providing free asthma education to children in schools and early learning centres
  • Leading clinical best practice on respiratory treatment for health professionals
  • Producing and sharing free printed and digital health resources to patients with respiratory disease
  • Translating targeted resources to identified at-risk communities


  • Raising the national profile of respiratory disease in New Zealand through nationwide campaigns and regular communications
  • Advocating to the Government to implement a national respiratory health policy
  • Being an active voice in supporting smokefree and vapefree initiatives, and healthy homes legalisation


  • Developing the framework for treating respiratory disease in New Zealand
  • Commissioning research to measure and track the impact of respiratory disease in New Zealand
  • Providing a free online research portal on our website to collate ongoing research in the respiratory space

Platinum sponsor

Gj Gardner Logo

G.J. Gardner Homes is the Foundation's first ever Platinum Sponsor. The team at G.J. Gardner care about the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders, and welcome the opportunity to partner with the Foundation to help us fulfil our mission of improving the lives of Kiwis living with respiratory conditions. Find out more.

Gold sponsors

Dvs Logo Cmyk

As a provider of home ventilation solutions, the team at DVS Home Ventilation have seen firsthand how damp, cold homes and poor air quality can impact New Zealanders’ respiratory health. DVS firmly believes that dry, warm homes are essential for promoting better health, especially for the thousands of New Zealanders living with respiratory conditions. Find out more

Dyson Logo

Dyson shares the Foundation's vision of creating a healthier home for New Zealanders. All Dyson purifiers combine sealed 360° activated carbon and HEPA filters. They remove gases and 99.95% of airborne particles, including allergens as small as 0.1 microns.1, 2Find out more. (1 Tested for filtration efficiency (EN1822) at 0.1 microns 2 Gaseous capture rates vary.)

Pulse Energylogo Rgb Large2

Pulse Energy is a 100% community owned energy company that provides electricity, gas and broadband services to over 85,000 homes throughout New Zealand. Pulse Energy is committed to providing support to local communities throughout the country to provide warmer, drier homes. Find out more.

Woolsnz Black

Education around the health benefits of woollen carpets in homes is one of the many reasons Wools of New Zealand have chosen to support the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.

Woollen carpets have an innate resistance to bacteria, mould, and dust mites, meaning it was a better choice for those living with respiratory diseases.

"With 1 in 7 Kiwis living with respiratory condition in New Zealand - and with 3.2 people per home on average - then 1 in every 3 homes has a person with a respiratory condition." - Wools of New Zealand CEO Mr John McWhirter

Silver Sponsors

Showerdome Logo 3

Showerdome believes that every New Zealander has the right to a warm, dry home. Their innovative shower top product was invented as a solution to dampness and moisture in Kiwi bathrooms. This product is now sold all over the world, and Showerdome remains on a mission to improve the health of Kiwi homes. Find out more.

Warmer Kiwi Homes Logo

Warmer Kiwi homes (EECA - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) We all want a warm, dry, healthy home but that’s especially important if you have a respiratory condition Government Warmer Kiwi Homes grants are available for lower-income homeowners (not rentals) and cover at least 80% of the total cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation. and up to 80% of the cost of an approved heater. Find out more.

Fo F Squares

Comfortech Building Performance Solutions™ is extremely pleased to become a sponsor of Friends of the Foundation. Poor living standards are a key contributor towards children developing asthma. We know that a well-insulated home contributes to a warm, dry and healthy home, something our locally made Pink®Batts® product has been doing for over 60 years. Find out more.

Hrv Master Logo

New Zealand’s leading home ventilation company HRV is now a Friend of the Foundation. HRV home ventilation delivers for people with asthma on two fronts: firstly, it filters out many common contaminants from the air before it enters the home. Most importantly, though, it brings in drier air from the roof space so stale, damp air gets pushed out. Find out more.

Bronze Sponsors

Fo F Squares 1

SmartVent’s home ventilation systems help to create healthy home environments which greatly improves indoor air quality and decreases respiratory disease triggers (such as mould and damp air) in New Zealanders homes. SmartVent is committed to improving the health of homes in Aotearoa and to ensure that as many New Zealanders are able to live in a warm, dry home.

Fo F Squares 2

Daikin’s split system and air purifier technology provide premium comfort and support for those affected by allergies and asthma. Controlling indoor environment – heating, cooling, ventilation, purification, humidification and dehumidification – can play a huge role in allergy management. Find out more.