Have disposable vapes been banned?

No, the new rules say that all vaping products must have removeable or replaceable batteries. The Government says this will limit the sale of cheap, disposable vapes. However, disposable vapes with replaceable batteries are already available in NZ – so it will be possible for vape manufacturers and retailers to get around this rule.

Will we have fewer vape retailers?

No. The new rules will stop new vape retailers from opening within 300m of schools or marae. However, we already have 1290 vape retailers in NZ and many more general retailers selling vapes. This rule will not apply to general retailers. It will also do nothing to reduce the number of vape retailers that are already established in communities and will not stop new vaping retailers setting up elsewhere.

Will vapes be less attractive to young people?

Not really. The new rules ban enticing flavour names like ‘cotton candy’ – so instead manufacturers need to use generic descriptions like ‘candy’. But the flavour itself isn’t banned. Also, the rules do not address packaging – so vapes can still be brightly coloured and feature child-friendly imagery.

Will these rules make a difference to youth vaping?

No. The Foundation thinks these rules do not go far enough to protect our young people from the harms of vaping.

We want the Government to:

If you agree, please email your local MP and let them know how you feel. It’s an election year so let’s get some meaningful action on youth vaping.

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