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Published: 24 March 2013

Authors: Hotu, S.

Dr Sandra Hotu- Smoking Cessation Knowledge

Dr Sandra Hotu Department of Respiratory Medicine, Middlemore Hospital
Smoking cessation knowledge, attitudes and barriers among junior doctors at Middlemore Hospital.

Smoking contributes to death and disease for many New Zealanders. The majority of smokers want to quit, and chances of success increase with the number of quit attempts if supported by treatment. Hospitalisation provides an opportune environment for smokers to attempt to quit and many patients attempt to quit smoking if advised by their doctor. Junior doctors have the advantage over their seniors of more contact with patients. For effective smoking cessation advice and assistance, doctors must be knowledgeable about behavioural and pharmacologic treatment techniques, and be confident about their abilities to intervene. We suspect that junior doctors have insufficient confidence and competence to provide effective smoking cessation interventions due to lack of training and certain attitudes and beliefs. Our aim is to assess knowledge and training, attitudes and beliefs and barriers to delivery of smoking cessation interventions of hospital-based junior doctors in order to direct resources towards a more effective smoking cessation effort.