Published: 7 April 2016

Authors: Healthy Auckland Together

    An Auckland coalition set up to reduce obesity, increase physical activity and improve nutrition has found mixed results in its first analysis of the city’s environment.


    Healthy Auckland Together has looked at 16 indicators of healthy behaviours or supportive infrastructure, and found positive gains in nine areas in its first monitoring report, released today.

    Spokesman Dr Michael Hale says the best news was a small but significant decrease in the proportion of Maori and Pacific Island boys who were obese at their before-school health check in 2014, compared with 2012.

    The obesity rates for the under-fives have remained stable for other ethnicities in the region, but the proportion of Pacific Island children who were obese reduced by 2.5 percentage points for boys and girls by 1.4 percentage points, while for Maori boys, the prevalence of obesity reduced by 2.5 percentage points.