Education around the health benefits of woollen carpets in homes is one of the many reasons Wools of New Zealand have chosen to support the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.

The woollen carpet retailer has become a Gold partner of the Foundation’s Friends of the Foundation programme to help prioritise the respiratory health of all New Zealanders.

Wools of New Zealand is the first South Island company to join the programme.

Foundation Chief Executive Ms Letitia Harding says the company’s dedication to promoting respiratory health aligns perfectly with the Foundation’s vision of improving health outcomes for the 700,000 Kiwis living with respiratory diseases.

"We know that a warm, dry, healthy home is vital to respiratory health and reducing the number of doctor’s visits and hospitalisations.

"This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the collective effort to create a healthier home for all New Zealanders."

Wools of New Zealand CEO Mr John McWhirter says there is a critical need for education about the benefits of wool.

Woollen carpets have an innate resistance to bacteria, mould, and dust mites, meaning it was a better choice for those living with respiratory diseases, Mr McWhirter says.

"With 1 in 7 Kiwis living with respiratory condition in New Zealand - and with 3.2 people per home on average - then 1 in every 3 homes has a person with a respiratory condition.

"We also know that only 1 in 10 houses in New Zealand are carpeted with wool, so there is a clear gap that needs to be filled and we want to help do that."

Partnering with the Foundation allows the company to share the benefits of woollen carpets to those who need them the most, he says.

"We want to be a part of a movement to help all Kiwis live in healthier homes and we hope we can do that by supporting the Foundation."


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