What causes bronchiectasis?

The most common cause of bronchiectasis is having an infection such as pneumonia or whooping cough. In many cases the cause of bronchiectasis is not known. There are some health conditions that are linked to bronchiectasis, such as immune deficiencies and chronic lung diseases.

What are the symptoms of bronchiectasis?

Most people with bronchiectasis have a long-term ‘wet’ (mucus-producing) cough and cough up a lot of phlegm.

Other symptoms may include:

• Feeling tired

• Being short of breath

• Getting recurrent chest infections

• Some people may cough up blood in their phlegm

Useful Resources

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Arfnz Bronchiectasis Checklist Interactive Cover Image

Living with Bronchiectasis – things to know

This comprehensive ‘checklist’ is for adults with bronchiectasis. It contains information that will help you manage and understand your bronchiectasis symptoms.

Bronchiectasis Action Plan Cover Image

Bronchiectasis Action Plan

​This self-management plan is for adults with bronchiectasis and is to be completed by healthcare practitioners, together with their patients. It helps you to recognise your symptoms and what to do to manage them by following a simple step-wise ‘traffic light’ action plan.

Breathlessness Quick Reference Plan For Copd

Breathlessness Quick Reference

A quick reference guide for managing breathlessness. Available in English, te reo Māori and Samoan.