My Asthma app

Launched on World Asthma Day, 2 May 2017, My Asthma app enables New Zealanders to have asthma information at their fingertips.

The app contains simple asthma information, asthma first aid steps, and an electronic Asthma Action Plan. The Asthma Action Plans in the app are for people aged 16 years and above. 

Everyone who has asthma should have an Asthma Action Plan in place to help recognise when asthma symptoms worsen and what actions to take. 

My Asthma app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download free.

To download on your device from the Apple App Store click here.

To download on your device from the Google Play Store click here.

User information

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Heath Professionals Information

Follow the below links for step-by-step instructions for the My Asthma app Asthma Action Plans:

If you have any questions or require any further instructions, please get in touch.

Privacy Policy

To view the My Asthma App Privacy Policy click here.

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