It is well documented that New Zealand’s existing Building Code construction standards are well below those in Western countries with similar temperatures. This means that New Zealand has many damp, mouldy and poorly ventilated homes, which both exacerbate and trigger respiratory disease. Respiratory disease is the third most common cause of death in New Zealand and affects more than 700,000 Kiwis.*

In late 2021, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) announced that there would be changes to the existing H1 Energy Efficiency Building Code. These H1 changes focus on increasing the window, floor, wall, and underfloor insulation requirements, and introduce six new climate zones to reflect the specific weather experienced in different parts of New Zealand.

Increasing roof insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to boost thermal performance, and with these new regulations in place, the minimum amount of roof insulation required for new builds will now be doubled across the country. The aim of these new Building Code requirements is to reduce the energy needed for heating residential homes by up to 40%, as well as improve the quality of living conditions for New Zealanders by creating warmer, drier, and healthier homes.

Pink® Batts® Insulation is extremely supportive of these new requirements and believe that it is a significant step forward in improving living and working conditions for New Zealanders.

To further support these changes, Pink® Batts® now offers the highest R-values in bulk thermal insulation categories, with two new introductions of Pink® Batts® Skillion Roof R4.5 – 165mm max and Pink® Batts® Ultra® R4.3 (140mm Wall). As a local Kiwi manufacturer, Pink® Batts® has the ability to produce higher R-values and customise solutions to best match your requirements, helping to create New Zealand’s most comfortable spaces.

*Statistic taken from the Asthma and RespiratoryFoundation New Zealand - The Impact of Respiratory disease in NZ 2020 Update Report

Learn more about H1 Building Code changes at and how we’re creating comfort from the inside out.

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