Joshua Kingi

While playing soccer over winter, he struggles but perseveres by taking his inhaler before, during and after his games. Throughout the year he does miss a few soccer games due to changes in weather which cause his asthma to worsen.

While playing inline hockey, Joshua gets very hot with his helmet and gear on and at times skates so hard he comes off gasping for air. He loves his sport and made the 12 and under New Zealand Inline Hockey team to play Australia last year in Melbourne. Joshua’s Mum Suzanne says, “We were worried with the humidity, as this was a problem while training in New Plymouth during the year but luckily the weather in Melbourne was awesome.”

At school last year he trained for the cross country but due to the pollen he had a real issue with having an attack each time. He still wanted to train so he did a mix of running and walking to manage. Training for inline hockey in the summer months is extremely hot at the rink, so he managed his asthma by wetting his hair, drinking a lot of water and going outside for fresh air so he could come back and continue training.

Suzanne says, “Joshua understands how to manage his condition by listening to his body and realising when he has to rest, take time off and increase the number of puffs he requires.”

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