Gail Vincent

Having this condition means that breathing can be severely impacted, as the large pockets of air take up space in the chest that the lungs need to function properly. As part of managing her condition, Gail is on long term oxygen therapy and is on oxygen 16 plus hours a day.

Gail also attends pulmonary rehabilitation classes which are very beneficial for people with respiratory conditions such as COPD. “Gail has been attending the classes for four years. She attends classes three times a week and walks at least twice a week in her home," says physiotherapist Helen Helm.

Gail has achieved some excellent results. “She has managed to push herself to walk around Mount Maunganui which was something that seemed impossible for her to achieve three years ago."

Through her hard work and sheer determination Gail has increased her exercise capacity despite a worsening lung function.” 

Although Gail has COPD, she remains cheerful and positive. Helen says, “Gail strives to be the best she can despite any hurdles put in her path. She maintains the motto be the best you can be. She is not letting the disease get the better of her and doesn’t put her life on hold.”

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