Ngamihi And Anahera Lyndon Bright

Ngamihi and Anahera Lyndon

Cheyanne McConnell from Hamilton has two beautiful daughters, her oldest is Ngamihi Lyndon who has asthma and Anahera Lyndon is the younger of the two. 

Cheyanne is deaf, therefore uses sign language and Ngamihi helps her as a sign language interpreter. Cheyanne describes Ngamihi as really lovely and very amazing for doing this. She says both her daughters are really sweet girls.

Unfortunately in early 2015, Cheyanne and her family had a frightening experience with asthma. Ngamihi was in a serious condition and needed to be taken to the hospital. Cheyanne explains, 

“It was very hard for my daughter Ngamihi, she nearly died. I took her straight to the hospital. I’m very lucky. I feel shocked that Ngamihi had asthma.”

The whole experience was incredibly emotional and traumatising. “Ngamihi in hospital made us all cry, she nearly died. She had fallen down, she was wheezing and upset crying. She had a hard cough and dry throat," says Cheyanne.

This was Cheyanne’s first time in dealing with asthma, as she had never experienced it before and didn’t know anything about the condition. To learn more about asthma, Cheyanne got in contact with Asthma Waikato to book an appointment for one-on-one asthma education. Cheyanne says, "I need to learn more about asthma for my daughter Ngamihi, it's very important."

Cheyanne recently completed her training with a very positive experience. She says about her asthma educator, Victoria Johnstone, "She's very great. I like to learn about asthma, it helps me understand. The training worked out all good." This education will help her look after and manage Ngamihi’s asthma.

Asthma societies such as Asthma Waikato offer friendly, specialised support, information and resources to assist people manage their respiratory condition. If you'd like to get in touch with an asthma society in your region, view the list here.

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