My Asthma App Mockup Min

My Asthma app

The My Asthma app contains simple asthma information, asthma first aid steps, and an electronic Asthma Action Plan.

Respiratory Disease In Nz Cover

Respiratory disease in New Zealand

An infographic illustrating the statistics of respiratory disease in New Zealand

Asthma Checklist Cover

Asthma checklist

Use this checklist of preventative measures to help reduce the risk of asthma-related sickness.

School Asthma Checklist Cover

School asthma checklist

Use this checklist of preventative measures to help reduce the risk of asthma-related sickness at school.

Asthma Emergency Kit Square

Asthma Emergency Kit

A kit to be prepared in case of an asthma emergency at school. Supplied to schools with the Ministry of Health Authorisation for a reliever inhaler.

Breathing Tubes

Breathing tubes

Enlarged model versions of breathing tubes which helps explain to patients why asthma is causing them breathing difficulties.

Checklist For Healthy Lungs Cover

Better Breathing: A checklist for healthy lungs

A useful checklist identifying three aspects of health for healthy lungs including lifestyle, environment and healthcare.

Peak Flow Wheel Cover

Asthma Action Plan Peak Flow Wheel

The Asthma Action Plan Peak Flow Wheel can be used to dial up the peak flow levels to fill in a patient's Asthma Action Plan.

Summer Holiday Asthma And Allergies Cover

Summer Holiday Asthma and Allergies Checklist

A free downloadable pdf of a visual checklist to use over the summer holidays to help reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Kids At School Eating Lunch

Teachers' Asthma Toolkit

Important asthma information in one place. Free online toolkit aimed at teachers.

Gina Patient Guide Cover

GINA Patient Guide for Asthma: You can control your asthma

A pocket guide produced by Global Inititiative for Asthma (GINA) to help patients understand their asthma

Asthma Societies Map 2022 Cover

Asthma Society Map

A directory of asthma societies in New Zealand