Fact Sheet

Cannabis and the lungs

An informative fact sheet on cannabis and the lungs. Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug worldwide.

Fact Sheet

Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Therapies (CAM)

An informative fact sheet about complementary and alternative medicines and therapies. Complementary and alternative therapies usually refer to treatments that do not use medications prescribed by doctors.

Fact Sheet

Long term oxygen therapy

An informative fact sheet about long term oxygen therapy. Long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) is prescribed for people who have a low level of oxygen in their blood and not for everyone who is short of breath.

Fact Sheet

Lung Cancer

An informative fact sheet about lung Cancer. Cancers occur when the cells that make up our bodies grow in an abnormal and out-of-control way forming lumps or tumours.

Fact Sheet

Safety of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS)

An informative fact sheet about the safety of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). Inhaled corticosteroids (also known as inhaled steroids or ICS) are the most important and useful drugs in the management of people with asthma and airways disease.

Fact Sheet

Spacer or nebuliser?

An informative fact sheet about whether to use a spacer or nebuliser. In acute asthma attacks high doses of inhaled bronchodilators (relievers) are used to treat the narrowing of the airways in the lungs.

Fact Sheet

Steroid tablets

An informative fact sheet about steroid tablets. The steroids used to treat airway disease are very different to those taken by some athletes to boost their strength.

Fact Sheet

Stopping smoking

An informative fact sheet about stopping smoking. Tobacco smoking is a major health problem in New Zealand.

Copd Fact Sheet

Home exercises for COPD

An informative fact sheet about home exercises for COPD. If you have COPD physical activity is very important in helping you to keep well.