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A children’s book illustrated by a teddy bear with the overall theme of managing asthma well to live a normal daily life including physical activity.

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    Child Asthma Plan

    Child Asthma Action Plan

    This brochure is an asthma action plan for doctors to complete and give to child patients and their parents/caregivers.

    Child Asthma Plan Symptom Diary

    Child Symptom Diary

    This brochure is a symptom diary for doctors to give to their child patients and their parents/caregivers, and is used in conjunction with the Child Asthma Plan.

    What Maui Learnt About Asthma

    What Maui learnt about Asthma

    An educational story book about asthma and how to manage it, featuring warrior Maui discovering why he is breathless, tired and grumpy.