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Good asthma management ensures that asthma is well-controlled and doesn’t impact on daily life.

With 1 in 8 people living with asthma, asthma is a common respiratory condition in New Zealand. It can be potentially serious if it is not well-managed, and sadly even life-threatening should a severe asthma attack (or ‘asthma emergency’) occur.

This booklet is also for friends, caregivers, and family of someone with asthma. Learning about asthma will equip you with the necessary information required to support you and your whānau.

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Nz Adolescent And Adult Asthma Guidelines Cover

NZ Adolescent and Adult Asthma Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to aid health professionals in delivering asthma care in the community and in emergency departments, providing simple, practical and evidence-based guidance.

Asthma First Aid 12 Years And Over

Asthma First Aid - 12 years and over

An asthma first aid poster (12 years and over). Also available in te reo Māori

Copd Handbook

COPD Handbook

​This handbook provides information about COPD, from the various symptoms you may experience, to the different types of medication you may be prescribed.