Respiratory Research Review Issue 148:

Professor Lutz Beckert

6 June, 2018

Respiratory research review featuring research on obstructive sleep apnoea.

Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa:

12 April, 2016

Archive of research publications.

Healthy Auckland Together - Monitoring Report 1: 2015 Baseline:

Healthy Auckland Together

7 April, 2016

Final report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity:

World Health Organisation.

25 January, 2016

Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions in many countries and poses an urgent and serious challenge. The Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations in 2015, identify prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases as core priorities.

Diet, obesity and asthma:

Wood, L.

6 November, 2015

Presentation to Respiratory Conference New Zealand November 2015

NZMA policy briefing: Tackling obesity:

New Zealand Medical Association.

6 September, 2014

Existing approaches to tackling obesity in New Zealand are not doing enough. New Zealand is now the fourth most obese country in the OECD, with nearly two thirds of adults either overweight (34%) or obese (31%).