The needs and well-being of severe asthma and COPD carers: A cross-sectional study:

Eleanor C. Majellano,Vanessa L. Clark,Peter G. Gibson,Juliet M. Foster,Vanessa M. McDonald

12 October, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 198

Effects of Inhaled Corticosteroid/Long-Acting β2-Agonist Combination on the Airway Microbiome of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial (DISARM):

Fernando Sergio Leitao Filho, Hiroto Takiguchi, Kentaro Akata, Seung Won Ra, Ji-Yong Moon, Hyun Kuk Kim, Yuji Cho, Kei Yamasaki, Stephen Milne, Julia Yang, Cheng Wei Tony Yang, Xuan Li, Corey Nislow, Stephan F. van Eeden, Tawimas Shaipanich, Stephen Lam, Janice M. Leung, and Don D. Sin

31 August, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 198

High Frequency of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis in Bronchiectasis-COPD Overlap:

Pei Yee Tiew, MD, PhD Albert Yick Hou Lim, MD Holly R. Keir, BSc Alison J. Dicker, PhD Micheál Mac Aogáin, PhD Sze Lei Pang, PhD Teck Boon Low, MD Tidi Maharani Hassan, MD Mau Ern Poh, MD Huiying Xu, MD Thun How Ong, MD Mariko Siyue Koh, MD John Arputhan Abisheganaden, MD Augustine Tee, MD Fook Tim Chew, PhD James D. Chalmers, MD, PhD Sanjay H. Chotirmall, MD, PhD

5 August, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 198

Dual versus single long-acting bronchodilator use could raise acute coronary syndrome risk by over 50%: A population-based nested case–control study:

Lianne Parkin,Sheila Williams,Katrina Sharples,David Barson,Simon Horsburgh,Rod Jackson,Billy Wu,Jack Dummer

21 July, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 192

Necroptosis Signaling Promotes Inflammation, Airway Remodeling, and Emphysema in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:

Zhe Lu, Hannelore P. Van Eeckhoutte, Gang Liu, Prema M. Nair, Bernadette Jones, Caitlin M. Gillis, B. Christina Nalkurthi, Fien Verhamme, Tamariche Buyle-Huybrecht , Peter Vandenabeele, Tom Vanden Berghe, Guy G. Brusselle, Jay C. Horvat, James M. Murphy, Peter A. Wark, Ken R. Bracke, Michael Fricker, and Philip M. Hansbro

16 June, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 192

The effect of low-dose corticosteroids and theophylline on the risk of acute exacerbations of COPD: the TASCS randomised controlled trial:

Christine R. Jenkins, Fu-Qiang Wen, Allison Martin, Peter J. Barnes, Bartolome Celli, Nan-Shan Zhong, Jin-Ping Zheng, Anish Scaria, Gian-Luca Di Tanna, Thomas Bradbury, Norbert Berend on behalf of the TASCS study investigators

10 June, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 192

Chronic bronchial infection and incident cardiovascular events in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A long-term observational study:

Miguel Ángel Martinez-Garcia, Rosa Faner,Grace Oscullo, David la Rosa-Carrillo, Juan Jose Soler-Cataluña, Marta Ballester, Alfonso Muriel, Alvar Agusti

18 May, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 192

Markers of disease activity in COPD: an 8-year mortality study in the ECLIPSE cohort:

Bartolome Celli, Nicholas Locantore, Julie C. Yates, Per Bakke, Peter M.A. Calverley, Courtney Crim, Harvey O. Coxson, David A. Lomas, William MacNee, Bruce E. Miller , Hana Mullerova , Stephen I. Rennard , Edwin K. Silverman , Emiel Wouters, Ruth Tal-Singer , Alvar Agusti and Jørgen Vestbo for the Evaluation of COPD Longitudinally to Identify Predictive Surrogate Endpoints (ECLIPSE) Investigators

25 March, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 186

Accelerated FEV1 decline and risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality in a primary care population of COPD patients:

Hannah R. Whittaker , Chloe Bloom, Ann Morgan , Deborah Jarvis, Steven J. Kiddle and Jennifer K. Quint

4 March, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 186

Palliative Care Needs and Integration of Palliative Care Support in COPD - A Qualitative Study:

Yu Fu, PhD Anne Mason, MEd Alison C. Boland, MBChB Gordon Linklater, MBChB Vania Dimitrova, PhD Ascensión Doñate-Martínez, PhD Michael I. Bennett, MD

9 January, 2021

NZ Respiratory Research Review Issue 192