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Published: 5 November 2015

Authors: Ingham, T and Davies, C.

Watch online: Stepping up for Māori: the Asthma Foundation Māori Engagement Strategy

This presentation provides an overview of the Māori Engagement project and shines a light on new ways to engage with Māori to actively address inequities.

Inequalities in asthma outcomes for Māori tamariki (children) are striking. Māori tamariki suffer higher severity of asthma symptoms, have significantly higher rates of hospitalisation, are less likely to have a peak flow meter or asthma action plan, and fewer are prescribed regular inhaled corticosteroids. 

The Māori Engagement project aims to collaboratively develop and pilot ‘best-practice support’ initiatives with three Māori Whānau Ora providers: Takiri Mai Te Ata (Hutt Valley), Ngā Mataapuna Oranga (Tauranga), and Kotahitanga (South Auckland). We employed a participatory action research methodology within a kaupapa Māori research framework, focusing on three key areas: 
• generating avenues to engage more effectively with rangatahi (youth)
• clinically relevant, culturally based asthma resources 
• High-quality practice data to ensure adequate outcome monitoring of asthma services.