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Published: 9 February 2018

Authors: Professor Lutz Beckert

In this issue: 

  • Characteristics of adults from a US bronchiectasis registry
  • Bronchiectasis Health Questionnaire development and validation
  • Consensus definition for bronchiectasis exacerbation
  • BROS increases mortality risk in bronchiectasis
  • Bronchiectasis in yellow-nail syndrome
  • Oral antibiotic-treated pulmonary exacerbations affect CF clinical outcomes
  • Lung function variability predicts adherence to CF treatment
  • Lumacaftor + ivacaftor in children with F508del-CFTR homozygous CF
  • Tezacaftor + ivacaftor in Phe508del-CFTR homozygous CF
  • Preparation for first-in-human lentivirus vector trial in CF