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Published: 1 October 2017

Authors: Professor Lutz Beckert

In this issue:

  •  Excessive SABA prescriptions in asthma management 
  • β-agonist overuse common in high-risk asthma 
  • Basing decisions to start ICSs on symptom frequency 
  • Association between asthma control and cost 
  • Inhaler technique reminders to improve retention of skills 
  • Breastfeeding, maternal asthma and wheezing 
  • Re-evaluating diagnoses in adults with physician-diagnosed asthma 
  • Aspiration in the asthmatic airway 
  • Benralizumab reduces oral glucocorticoid use in severe asthma 
  • Add-on mepolizumab improves severe eosinophilic asthma