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Published: 22 November 2013


In this issue:

  • Prognostic value of bronchiectasis in moderate-to-severe COPD
  • Lung microbiota and bacterial abundance in bronchiectasis
  • Low-dose erythromycin in non-CF bronchiectasis
  • Azithromycin maintenance in non-CF bronchiectasis
  • Long-term azithromycin for indigenous children with non-CF bronchiectasis 
  • Inhaled ciprofloxacin dry powder in non-CF bronchiectasis 
  • Inhaled colistimethate dry powder in CF 
  • Lung clearance index response to ivacaftor in G551D-CFTR mutated CF
  • High-frequency chest wall oscillation vs. PEP mask in CF
  • Bronchiectasis risk factors in children with CF