Published: 30 June 2015

Authors: Ministry of Health.

Green Prescription patient survey

    Read online: Green Prescription patient survey

    A Green Prescription (GRx) is a health professional’s written advice to a patient to be physically active, as part of the patient’s health management.

    It’s a smart and cost-effective way to help people stay healthy. GRx research backs this up:

    • Research published in the New Zealand Medical Journal indicates that a Green Prescription is an inexpensive way of increasing activity.
    • Research published in the British Medical Journal found that a Green Prescription can improve a patient’s quality of life over 12 months, with no evidence of adverse effects.
    • Research published in the British Medical Journal on the cost-effectiveness of physical activity in primary care stated that ‘community walking, exercise and nutrition, and brief advise with exercise on prescription (Green Prescription) were the most cost-effective with respect to cost-utility.’