2018 Nzrc Sandra Hodge

Session One: E-cigarettes - what are the real ingredients

Prof Sandra Hodge

This presentation summarises the growing body of evidence that E-liquids damage airway/lung cells, are linked to asthma-like responses and increased susceptibility to viral infection, and highlights the need for further research and appropriate regulatory control.

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2018 Nzrc Panel Discussion

Session Two: Smoke Free New Zealand


Prof Richard Edwards
Dr Stuart Jones
Prof Hayden McRobbie
Prof Sandra Hodge
Session Chair - Letitia Harding

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2018 Nzrc James Fingleton

Session Three: COPD Update

Dr James Fingleton

The session reviews recent developments in COPD management, including major trials of LABA-LAMA, triple therapy, and biologics. When to add and when to withdraw ICS in COPD will be discussed, including the role of blood eosinophilia in guiding drug treatment. The session is presented in the context of the 2018 GOLD COPD guidelines and will consider the potential role for personalised therapy / treatable traits based management of COPD.

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2018 Nzrc Julia Perry

Session Four: Nurse led COPD Education and Support Programme

Julia Perry

This session introduces a nurse led management programme for patients with COPD in a primary care setting. It outlines the development process, successes and pitfalls in undertaking a project such as this. The session concludes with a discussion on the new directions for this programme and its expansion throughout our Primary Health Organisation (PHO).

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2018 Nzrc Clare Oleary

Session Five: Advanced Care Planning

Clare O'Leary

Advance care planning gives everyone a chance to think about what is important in their lives, what the future might hold and how to talk about it with loved ones and their health care team. It helps people to navigate the difficult conversations around end of life issues.

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2018 Nzrc Annette Bolton

Session Six: How can climate change affect our health, and in particular our respiratory health?

Dr Annette Dolton

Anthropogenic climate change has been described as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century. Increased concentrations of heat-trapping gases, in particular CO2, in the atmosphere have warmed the planet substantially. Annette discussed the potential health impacts and gaps in research identified in recent reports many of which put respiratory health at risk.

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2018 Nzrc Olivier Gasser

Session Seven: The food-microbiome axis in lung immunity

Dr Olivier Gasser

The gut microbiome is integral to immune development and function throughout life. Microbial colonization controls immune function both locally as well as in distant organs such as the lung. Understanding which microbial metabolites and/or immune cell subsets traffic systemically and contribute to mucosal immune modulation or pathology in the lung is the research focus of the High Value Nutrition Challenge and the broader allergy programme at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.

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