Winter is upon us, and it is getting really cold. This is of course dangerous for those of us with respiratory issues, but there are a few ways to lessen risks over the chillier months. 

If you haven’t had your influenza shot yet, now's the time. It takes about two weeks to really take effect, but you may also be eligible to have it free. Young children and the elderly are most at risk, so if you have small children, or you’re over 65, go and talk to your GP about it anyway.

The other thing is scarves. It’s really really cold at the moment so if you have a scarf, wrap up! This keeps your neck warm and, as a bonus, you can cover your mouth and nose if you're ill so you don't spread any germs, and keep yourself protected too.

And finally, remember we like to close our windows in winter. Of course that’s a good thing to keep the cold out, but you can then get a lot of condensation, and we certainly don’t want mould. To keep this at bay, invest in a dehumidifier if you can, and remember to air out your home as often as you can. 

Watch out for those bugs, and everyone have a great winter season. 

- Letitia Harding, CEO, ARFNZ