When the chill sets in, it’s a Kiwi tradition to layer up with extra jumpers and blankets.

However, these measures alone are not enough.

"Even with layers, breathing in cold air can be detrimental to health, especially in cold and damp homes," says Henry Nepia, Manager of Warmer Kiwi Homes.

Warmer Kiwi Homes is a government initiative offering grants to lower-income homeowners, covering a significant portion of insulation and heating costs. Administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), the programme offers grants for 80-90% of insulation expenses and up to 80% of energy-efficient heater costs.

Sumaria Beaton-Sikisini, General Manager at Awarua Synergy, emphasises the importance of comprehensive home improvements.

"Putting insulation and heating in is a big part of the challenge – the remaining changes are things like installing curtains and educating homeowners.

"We are fortunate in New Zealand to have a well-functioning and dedicated government department working on this”.

Awarua Synergy works to improve the health of its community alongside Warmer Kiwi Homes.

“It still surprises me how much people don’t understand the effects of unmanaged dampness mixed with balancing temperature control," Beaton-Sikisini says.

Signs of dampness, such as mould growth, are visible indicators of an unhealthy environment, particularly in bedrooms.

Ventilation, insulation, and heating work together to improve the quality of the air inside, which is required for a healthy living environment.

Nepia says an independent review of the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme last year found that clients who had a heat pump installed enjoyed warmer, drier homes, while they also saved 16% in electricity over winter.

Applying for the grant is straightforward. Once eligibility is confirmed, a service provider assesses the home for installations.

Nepia commends the community organisations collaborating with Warmer Kiwi Homes, enhancing accessibility to the programme.

"These organisations play a crucial role, contributing millions annually to expand programme accessibility," Nepia says.

Don't let the cold compromise your health and comfort. Apply for insulation and heating grants today and embrace the warmth of a healthier home.

Eligibility: Homeowners may be eligible if they have a Community Services Card or live in a lower-income area.  

Find out if you are eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant by visiting www.warmerkiwihomes.govt.nz  or freephone 0800 749 782.


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