World Asthma Day will take place on Tuesday 1 May 2018, to raise awareness of asthma in the community and we’re encouraging schools and early childhood centres to get involved!

In New Zealand one in seven children suffer from asthma, and in 2015 there were over 3,500 children admitted to hospital with a potentially life-threatening attack. It’s also estimated 586,000 school days are lost each year due to asthma.

How can my school get involved?

Get your school involved by taking part in some fun and educational activities and/or fundraising for the Foundation:

Balloons are a positive symbol that convey a serious message. Asthmatics struggle to breathe out for example when blowing up a balloon. The Foundation will be providing schools who register with free packs of balloons and activity ideas to assist with asthma education and fundraising on World Asthma Day. Click here to register for a free pack before 2 April 2018.

Why fundraise for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ?

The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ currently receives no government funding, and relies on the support of sponsors and generous donations. Despite this, we delivered 90 educational shows to over 19,000 students and teachers in the last financial year. We are now working on an online resource for teachers to be more confident in knowing what to do in each stage of an asthma emergency.

The school that raises the most funds will win a visit from Erin Simpson, a well-known children’s celebrity from television shows such as Sticky TV, What Now and The Erin Simpson Show. The winning school will also receive an amazing prize pack of over 20 books kindly donated from Scholastic. 

Download free resources to educate students about asthma: