Want to host a FREE musical show about asthma next year?

Sailor the Puffer Fish is New Zealand’s very own Asthma Champion for children! Performing alongside award winning entertainer and children’s author, Chris Lam Sam (from The Funky Monkeys), Sailor’s show is a dynamic and interactive half-hour experience that teaches children and staff about asthma basics, and how to help someone in an asthma emergency.

We have secured funding to perform 80 FREE SHOWS in the South Island in 2018. Sailor and Chris can perform three shows a day on the dates below. If you would like to host a show, simply email us at to confirm your preferred date (from the list below) and time. We always do our best to accommodate every request, however spaces are limited so get in quick!

Commonly asked questions

How long is the show?
Approximately 30 minutes

What age group is it for?
All ages and year groups 1-8! Asthma is a health problem that can affect anyone at any age at any time! Even if someone never develops asthma the show will teach them how to help someone who has it, especially in an emergency. Staff will get a lot out of the show too.

Does it cost anything?
No! The show is 100% funded by the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation of NZ. However, we would never say no to a koha to help keep Sailor on the road.

What do you need to host the show?
It takes about 20 minutes beforehand to set up the show. All we need is a power socket for our small PA, and a private changing space for Sailor. Access to your performance space with our vehicle helps us set up faster.


"It is an amazing show, so educational for both asthmatics and non-asthmatics. Helped save a teachers life in our school a few years ago - if you get the chance book them in. Such an important message!” — Sandie Haddock, Stanley Avenue School

“I teach the new entrants and I’ve never seen them so engaged at a performance in the hall.” — Kathryn Pierre, Ngāti Toa School

“The best health education session ever seen at our school.” — Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, Lower Hutt

“My son, who has asthma, now has a better understanding and knows just how important taking his inhalers is.” —Joy Tengu, parent

"I just want to say this show is AMAZING! They came to Johnsonville School (where I taught before I had my daughter) and all the kids and staff loved it. Highly recommended.” — Ilana Hampton, teacher

“They're so awesome ... came to school and were loved by the students! Very interactive and age relevant.” —David Gall, Henderson North School

"It's a really funny & informative show.” — Louise Clark, teacher

If you would like to host a show, simply email us at