This September is the inaugural respiratory awareness month, known as Breathe Better September. Kicking off Breathe Better September is Balloon Day, where Kiwis join together to raise awareness of asthma in various ways, including fundraising events in their local communities.

Breathe Better September - show your support!


Breathe Better September is a national movement for Kiwis to show their support for better breathing and healthy lungs.

Respiratory disease (or lung disease) includes asthma, COPD, lung cancer, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and countless other conditions. Although respiratory disease is largely preventable, In New Zealand it affects 1 in 6 Kiwis or 700,000 people, costing us $5.5 billion each year and is our third leading cause of death.

These statistics are getting worse. Action needs to be taken NOW.

Maybe you have one of these conditions yourself, or know someone who does. This September, join us to show the faces behind the statistics. We are all affected by it one way or another, and we want to see respiratory health being made a national priority.
If you believe respiratory health is important and want to see the statistics change, sign our photo petition in support of better respiratory health for NZ. Write 'Breathe Better September' on a piece of paper, take a photo and submit it on the Breathe Better September website, or send it to

This petition is part of our advocacy. With the signatures of this petition, we are one step closer to making respiratory health a national priority.

Sign the photo petition in support of better respiratory health for all New Zealanders. 

Email your photo to:

To show your support though a financial contribution, donate to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ here.

Download posters: 

Breathe Better September Poster A4

Breathe Better September Poster A3

Breathe Better September Brochure A4

Better Breathing Checklist

Better Breathing in the workplace

Better Breathing for health professionals

Better Breathing for schools

Breathe Better September resources will be available to order for free between 1 August - 30 September.  

Balloon Day

1 in 7 kids struggle to blow up a balloon, asthma won’t let them.

It’s easy for an asthmatic to breathe in, however when they try to breathe out (like to blow up a balloon) the lungs struggle to push air through the swollen breathing tubes. While our balloons convey a serious message, they are also a positive symbol. Every year our supporters hold a huge range of fun and educational initiatives in their local regions. Keep a look out on our facebook page to see what’s happening in your community or how you can help.
If you would like to fundraise for the Foundation or your local asthma society, visit our ordering site to receive free posters, balloons and stickers. 

Resources will be available to order between 18 July - 4 September from our online ordering system 

Please ensure you enter text into the County field. For example, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu, Canterbury, Wellington. If you cannot proceed to checkout from this page, it is because the system does not recognise the county you have entered. 
Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions about ordering resources.
You can also download Balloon Day posters here:
A4 Balloon Day Poster
A3 Balloon Day Poster

If you have completed a fundraiser for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, How To Deposit Funds gives instructions for online banking and bank deposits of funds.